Clearance & Relative Speed of Vehicles Passing Me on Leaburg Dam

One of the questions I posed on Tuesday, 2013-09-17, in my statement to the EWEB Board of Directors was why what was in place and worked for 20 to 30 years without incident was no longer acceptable. During my conversation with the General Manager during the break, he indicated that they felt that hadn't really worked, that there had been near misses. I replied that in all my years crossing Leaburg Dam on foot—which I used to do almost daily back when I ran every day—I never experienced a near miss.

Admittedly, my experience is not recent as I stopped running several years ago, so I'm updating myself. Weather and schedule permitting, I'm walking the length of the Dam when I can, and I'm keeping a log of vehicles passing me on the Dam's roadway.

Since I can't always hear a vehicle coming from behind me, I'm walking to the right about two feet from the edge of the roadway. That leaves plenty of room to pass me without my having to step closer to the roadway edge.

The table below summarizes my experience. For formatting purposes, the following abbreviations are used:

with the Speed Bumps in Place 2013-09-20 to 2014-04-25

with the Speed Bumps Swung to the Side 2014-08-25 to 2014-09-02

with Construction Configuration 2014-09-05 to 2014-09-06

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